en-us Landmark Pavers - Stone, Concrete & Brick Pavers For Your Patio, Driveway & Walkways http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/ San Diego Paver Driveway Project Completed http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-59995/San-Diego-Paver-Driveway-Project-Completed.html See before and after pictures of one of our recently completed paving stone projects.The homeowners wanted to enhance their curb appeal with new hardscape. You can see for yourself what a difference their new San Diego paver driveway makes in the overall appearance of their property.


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Get Inspired at the Del Mar Spring Home & Garden Show http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-59665/Del-Mar-Spring--Home-And-Garden-Show.html Spring is nearly here and for most that means more time outdoors. If your landscape needs a "facelift" or a complete makeover, then you are in luck. Come visit us this weekend at the Del Mar Spring Home & Garden Show (March 4 - 6, 2011) at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. We are located at booth 361 in the Pat O'Brien Hall and would love to help you put your landscape dreams and plans into action.

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Del Mar Winter Home Decorating and Remodeling Show http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-58907/Del-Mar-Winter-Home-Show.html landscape projects and show you the possiblities with pavers and artificial turf. ]]> Landmark Pavers Fri, 28 Jan 2011 12:00:00 PST Synthetic Lawn La Jolla http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-58778/Synthetic-Lawn-La-Jolla.html Landmark Pavers is an A+ rated and A.S.G.I Certified artificial Grass installer servicing the La Jolla area. If you are looking for a La Jolla Synthetic Turf front yard, an artificial lawn in the back yard, or a nice area of Artificial turf for the kids or dog to play on, you have found the right company. At Landmark pavers we not only specialize in pavers. That's right, we have years of experience and a wealth of expertise with La Jolla Fake Grass installations. So whether you are looking for Synthetic Grass that will look great all year round, or you are looking for a Fake Lawn that never has to be mowed, watered, or fertilized, you can trust Landmark Pavers with your La Jolla Synthetic Grass installation.

And Now, Landmark Pavers is offering a "La Jolla Synthetic Lawn" special. That's right. We will gladly give you $1,000.00 off your La Jolla artificial turf installation. So if you have been thinking of replacing your worn out lawn with artificial turf in La Jolla then please contact us today for a free "Fake Turf" in home design consultation.

The Following pictures show a recently completed artificial lawn installation in La Jolla.  These La Jolla Homeowners have two energetic dogs.  Unfortunately, the dogs were really hard on their back yard lawn.  Landmark Pavers was able to solve the problem by designing an artificial grass system which was perfect for their pets.



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San Diego Backyard Remodel http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-58640/Backyard-Remodel.html Here are a few pictures from one of our recent backyard projects. The homeowner has a great "view" property. The problem is the "view" of his own backyard needed some improvement. Landmark Pavers installed a beautiful RCP paver patio and country manor wall. In addition to the new hardscape, we installed a water feature and new sod to complete his yard. Now he has a great view within his own yard. We were able to give him the durablility and beauty to make his yard more inviting.




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Goodbye to the Worn-Out Colored Concrete Walkway....Hello to a Beautiful New Paver Entryway http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-57571/Goodbye-Colored-Concretehello-Paver-Entryway.html This homeowner recently bought a new house and one of her first projects was to replace the narrow worn-out pathway to her front door. As you can see from the pictures below, the color concrete design was no longer "adding" beauty and appeal. Instead her hardscape had become a bit of a distraction and eyesore. In just a matter of a couple of days, Landmark Pavers was able to replace the tired looking concrete entryway with a widened Antique Cobble paving stone entryway that will look as good in the years to come as it does now.



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Recently Completed San Diego Paver Driveway http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-55567/Recently-Completed-Paver-Project-San-Diego.html Landmark Pavers recently completed another paving stone project in San Diego. The customer went with a modified herringbone pattern using Antique Cobble Brown Stone Pavers from RCP. He replaced his concrete driveway and upgraded his drainage system to a beautiful and durable paving stone driveway.


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4 Landscape Design Principles http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-55145/4-Landscape-Design-Principles.html Sometimes, during my in home consultations, I meet with homeowners who have little or no idea what they want to accomplish with their landscapes and outdoor living spaces. It is more often the case that customers have a vague idea of how they would like their yard to look. Yet other people have a vision of exactly what they want, from the detail of specific plantings to the textures and patterns of their paving stone hardscapes. From a design/install perspective, it is true, that the latter homeowner is easier to work with. However, it is the former client, with a much more vague sense of what they want from the completed landscape installation, that is the most challenging, and most fun to work with. One of the most satisfying elements of being a professional landscape designer and paving stone installer is the opportunity to create and organize an outdoor environment which truly provides the homeowners a high degree of utility and pleasure that is both functional and beautiful.

So, if you are one of those homeowners who really needs some professional advice regarding the design of your hardscape and landscape, I have written this especially for you. Let us talk about the proper principles of landscape design and what you can expect from Landmark Pavers during our meeting. There are four key principles of landscape design that your designers at Landmark Pavers will be guided by during your in home consultation and design process. Each of our designers have been trained to ask themselves the following questions during the design process.

1. Does the design fit the physical conditions of the site?

Many designers today try to "fight the site". That is, they have a specific design in mind and try to force the site into their design. In contrast, it is our goal to emphasize the positive attributes of your site, while downplaying the negative aspects of the site. It can become very expensive to "fight the site".

2. Does the design meet the needs and wants of the homeowners?

A good designer takes in to consideration the wants and desires of the client. A great design is not accomplished in a vacuum. This is why our time together will include an in-depth discussion, during which time we will listen much more than we will speak.

3. Does the design function well?

I can not tell you how many times I have seen a designer try to implement a plan that is absolutely beautiful but that is totally impractical. A great design is both beautiful and functional.

4. Is the design easy to maintain?

All newly installed landscape projects are beautiful on the first day of use. It is only the great hardscape designs that stand the test of time. Some landscape designs and paving stone installations require much more work than others after the paver installation is complete. We will design your hardscape project to meet an acceptable level of maintenance for your needs.

In short, these are Landmark Pavers' four guiding design principles. We hope, whether you need very little design help or a bit of "hand holding", that you will trust us with the design and installation of your paving stone project .

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Pavers | San Carlos http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-54517/Pavers-San-Carlos.html Pavers San Carlos

Landmark Pavers Specializes in Designing and Installing Paving Stones for your Paver Driveway, Paver Patio, Paver Pool Deck,or, or Paver Walkway.

Contact Landmark Pavers today for your free in-home design consultation.

Mention our "Pavers San Carlos" special and receive $1000 off plus free sealer on your San Carlos paving stone installation.













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Paving Stone Patio | Temecula http://www.pavingstonessandiego.com/blogpost-54516/Paving-Stone-Patio-Temecula.html Landmark Pavers completed a paving stone patio in Temecula. The backyard project featured Acker-Stone's Antique Kobble pavers and Tuscan Block Wall. The customers' main goal was to solve a major drainage problem in their back yard. The topography of the project was such that the large back yard had a gradual slope toward the home. When it rained heavily, their existing drains would become blocked with plant material such as leaves and sticks. The problem was so significant that during a heavy rain, 2-3 inches of rain water would accumulate in the low spot of their yard, up against their house.

The solution was to totally re-design their drainage system. Landmark Pavers added over 100 linear feet of drain line, 14 drain fixtures, and one large concrete drain box in the lowest part of the project area. The function of the drain box was to provide a large drain surface that would not become clogged with plant material. So not only did our customers beautify their back yard with a paver patio, they also solved a big drainage problem.

Landmark Pavers would like to thank Richard and Frances for the opportunity to solve these issues for them.


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