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Paver Benefits

  • Paving stones or (pavers) are manufactured to be very strong. In fact, a pavingstone can withstand at least 8,000 pounds of pressure per square inch before failure. This makes pavers about 4 times stronger than poured in place concrete.
  • Paving stones are guaranteed for life against cracking and breaking.
  • Pavers are uniquely designed to transfer loads and stress over large areas of paving by means of "bridging" action between the individual units. Such spreading of loads allows heaver weight and traffic over sub-bases, which normally would require heavily reinforced concrete.
  • Pavers are a modular system. If you are looking to implement your hardscape project in stages, pavers are the product for you. In fact, many of our customers have us back to add on to their original installation. Over any other system, pavers have the unique ability to be added on to simply by continuing the existing pattern into the new area.
  • Pavers can be "unzipped and re-zipped". If, for any reason, the pavers need to be temporarily removed, (for example in the case of a utility repair underneath the paved area) a qualified installer can simply removed the pavers, place them aside, and then re install them again without any evidence that a repair was ever made.
  • Because pavers are colored with oxides, and their coloration is consistent and congruent throughout the entire stone, their fade factor is negligible. This means that the color of the stones on day one will be the same color year after year.
  • Pavingstones provide a non-slip and non-skid surface, making them perfect around pool decks, walkways and patios.

About the Product

Landmark Pavers uses pavers from 5 main manufacturers

  • Each manufacturer makes paving stones in roughly the same way, through a highly regulated process which is set forth by the I.C.P.I.
  • From a structural standpoint, each manufacturer's product is the same. Paving stones are all made to withstand 8000 lbs. per square inch before failure.
  • All manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on paving stones against cracking and breaking.
  • There are differences between manufacturers when it comes to such things like texture, color, shape, pattern, and even the gaps between the stones. Contact Us Today to have a design rep come and show you samples of the paving stones.

Landmark Pavers

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