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4 Landscape Design Principles

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Published: Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes, during my in home consultations, I meet with homeowners who have little or no idea what they want to accomplish with their landscapes and outdoor living spaces. It is more often the case that customers have a vague idea of how they would like their yard to look. Yet other people have a vision of exactly what they want, from the detail of specific plantings to the textures and patterns of their paving stone hardscapes. From a design/install perspective, it is true, that the latter homeowner is easier to work with. However, it is the former client, with a much more vague sense of what they want from the completed landscape installation, that is the most challenging, and most fun to work with. One of the most satisfying elements of being a professional landscape designer and paving stone installer is the opportunity to create and organize an outdoor environment which truly provides the homeowners a high degree of utility and pleasure that is both functional and beautiful.

So, if you are one of those homeowners who really needs some professional advice regarding the design of your hardscape and landscape, I have written this especially for you. Let us talk about the proper principles of landscape design and what you can expect from Landmark Pavers during our meeting. There are four key principles of landscape design that your designers at Landmark Pavers will be guided by during your in home consultation and design process. Each of our designers have been trained to ask themselves the following questions during the design process.

1. Does the design fit the physical conditions of the site?

Many designers today try to "fight the site". That is, they have a specific design in mind and try to force the site into their design. In contrast, it is our goal to emphasize the positive attributes of your site, while downplaying the negative aspects of the site. It can become very expensive to "fight the site".

2. Does the design meet the needs and wants of the homeowners?

A good designer takes in to consideration the wants and desires of the client. A great design is not accomplished in a vacuum. This is why our time together will include an in-depth discussion, during which time we will listen much more than we will speak.

3. Does the design function well?

I can not tell you how many times I have seen a designer try to implement a plan that is absolutely beautiful but that is totally impractical. A great design is both beautiful and functional.

4. Is the design easy to maintain?

All newly installed landscape projects are beautiful on the first day of use. It is only the great hardscape designs that stand the test of time. Some landscape designs and paving stone installations require much more work than others after the paver installation is complete. We will design your hardscape project to meet an acceptable level of maintenance for your needs.

In short, these are Landmark Pavers' four guiding design principles. We hope, whether you need very little design help or a bit of "hand holding", that you will trust us with the design and installation of your paving stone project .

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About this page: A beautiful hardscape or landscape is something to be admired and enjoyed. The process to get to that point is not just luck or a good eye. Find out the 4 design principles that we utilitze in designing your landscape project.