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QDo you quote over the phone?... What do pavers cost?
AWe’d love to say that we could quote a square foot price over the phone. However, a phone quote would be neither accurate nor reliable. A reputable landscape company will want to adequately assess all elements of your project before providing you with a quote that makes sense. Many factors influence the final quote you receive, including paver type, size of the job, other elements being installed…just to name a few.
QHow soon can someone come out to give me a quote?
AThe sooner you call us, the sooner we can get you on the calendar for an appointment! We can generally be out at your property within 24-48 hours of taking your information. Our offices are open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Saturday by appointment only. Leave a message after hours, and we’ll return your call the next business day.
QDo you handle small jobs?
AOur specialty is serving homeowners who are looking for a complete landscape makeover or ground-up installation. However, we have completed many smaller-scope projects. Our project installation minimum generally runs around $4,500.
QDo you work in my area?
AOur service areas include San Diego county, North County, the Temecula Valley and Southwest Riverside county.
QCan you fix my driveway?
AWe have a wide variety of driveway repair solutions to share with you. While the possibilities are endless, the conditions at your property will help determine what type of materials and manner of installation will best suit the needs of your property. Our Landscape Designers are experts at trouble-shooting challenges presented by slopes, drainage, space constraints, and other conditions.
QWhen can you start my job?
AAs our reputation has grown, so has demand for our services! Although our team juggles a busy installation schedule, we work tirelessly to meet projected finish dates. Depending upon the time of year, the status of the weather and our overall workload, Construction Job Start dates can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks out (occasionally a little longer at peak times of the year).
QDo you sell pavers directly or have a showroom?
ATo keep our prices reasonable and share the savings that comes from maintaining low overhead, we intentionally do not maintain a showroom. Our Sales personnel are able to provide superior color photographs of every imaginable paving stone, along with physical samples of the pavers you are considering.
QWhat types of pavers do you offer?
ALandmark Pavers offers a wide range of popular and commonly used pavers, including brick, concrete, and natural stones, such as sandstone, granite, slate, limestone, and travertine. We are not exclusively tied to any particular manufacturer. We source from many stone providers which allow us to help you select the hardscape material that will best meet your needs. Paving stones (both natural stones and concrete paving stones) are highly versatile paving solutions that you can use in your driveway, pool deck, garden steps, jogging paths, patio, walkways, and many others.
QWhich are cheaper….brick or concrete pavers?
ACost-wise, concrete paving stones should be your first choice. Brick pavers generally cost as much as two times the cost of concrete pavers and can be more problematic to maintain over time.
QDo you offer financing?
AYes!...We have several sources of competitively priced financing options. When you meet with your Design Consultant, he or she can provide you with resources necessary to secure the lending program that will most likely meet your payment objectives.
QCan I Use Pavers and Paving Stones Over Existing Concrete?
APossibly but it's not advisable. If the installation cannot be carried out to meet strict ICPI standards, a standard warranty may not apply. It is recommended that you obtain a quote for the removal of concrete slabs as it may be more cost effective in the long run.
QDo you install concrete?
AYes…we install standard concrete, colored concrete, stamped concrete and exposed aggregate. Our crews are cross-trained and certified in both paver and concrete installation.
QDo you lay asphalt or slurry?
AOur crews concentrate primarily in residential hardscape installations. We do not provide asphalt installation services at this time.
QDo I need Homeowners Association (HOA) approval?
AHOA’s vary by community. Some have strict rules governing new landscape construction, especially for front yard installations. Contact your HOA Representative to inquire about your community’s regulations. If approval proves unnecessary, Landmark Pavers offers a simple HOA Waiver form to bypass the HOA submission process. Ask our Sales Representative for more details.
QDo you do maintenance on pavers?
AThe first-rate team of Sales Professionals at Landmark Clean & Seal are available 6 days a week for an in-home consultation to discuss how to clean, restore, re-sand and re-seal your stone paver system. We clean and seal all types of brick pavers, pool deck pavers, driveway pavers, decorative concrete pavers, patio pavers, walkways, driveways, garden paths, lanai remodel, pool remodel, and thin-set pavers. Find out more about how to have your pavers cleaned and re-sealed at:
QWill Weeds Grow Between the Joints of My Pavers?
AWe ensure that the paver joints are filled per industry standards to within 1/8 inch of the lip of the paver. We apply a joint stabilizing sealer that will minimize seed germination and weed growth.
QWhat if I already have my paver material?
ALandmark Pavers can install paver material that you have onsite or have already purchased. However, we do not typically recommend homeowners purchase their own material as the standard warranty may not apply to the paver stones you have purchased. We may also be able to provide better pricing on the materials we purchase due to our ability to buy in bulk quantities and at our contractor rate.
QDo you handle the permit process?
AWe can handle the permit process for you with the City in which you live. We have a fee schedule for permits based primarily on the charges from the city in which you live.
QCan I DIY my pavers?
ATricky question…yes…you can attempt to install pavers yourself. However, our trained craftsman who undertake this type of work every day tend to achieve a more professional looking installation with fewer long-term issues like settling pavers, weed intrusion, and sand erosion. Our ICPI Trained Crews know exactly how to prepare your base material and sand bedding, the best methods for correctly laying your pavers, and how to best sweep sand into the paver joints to fill them properly. Letting our experts install your pavers saves you the time of trying to figure it out….provides you with a solid warranty….and gives you a beautiful finished landscape!
QDo you offer a warranty?
AYes, Landmark Pavers is proud to stand behind its workmanship and offers a strong warranty. Please talk to your representative regarding details.
QWhere is Landmark Pavers located?
AOur service area stretches from Southwest Riverside County all the way to the southern end of San Diego county. We have Landscape Designers scattered throughout our service area, and we have our primary offices located in the Temecula Valley. We do not currently service Orange County, Los Angeles County, Imperial County, or the Desert.

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