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Dave Park
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Years ago, David Park jumped at the opportunity to take a position in landscape design with one of Southern California’s leading hardscape installation companies; quickly becoming one of their top sales reps. After paying his dues in the corporate environment, he realized he wanted to start his own business in order to service clients with a more personal approach.

David Park co-founded Landmark Pavers with Tesa Park to offer start-to-finish landscape design and construction services for both residential and commercial applications. Part of his goal was to provide more clarity and higher level of transparency to his customers.

“I wanted to help people make decisions about the scope of work of the project and give them a better level of comfort with the bid,” Dave said. “This is not just about selling clients. It's about educating them as to what they are really getting. Homeowners need more information about how this all works. They don’t shop for backyards every day, and the process can be daunting when trying to compare bids.”

Unlike larger companies who arm their sales staff with an arsenal of what to say, Landmark Pavers set out to empower customers to draw their own conclusions rather than pressuring them into a sale. Landmark’s business philosophy is about taking action, standing behind our work and servicing our clients long after the job wraps up.

Tesa Park
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Tesa Park has the construction industry in her genes. With a general contractor for a father and a grandfather long involved in the trade, Tesa was exposed to the ins-and-outs of the business from a young age.

Since its inception, Tesa has guided the day-to-day operations for Landmark Pavers. She currently oversees the human resources, accounting, and purchasing functions of the business. Behind the scenes, she ensures materials are ordered on time, crews are properly equipped and trained and construction schedules are met throughout the year.

Her unique set of skills, being complementary to her husband David’s, has allowed Landmark Pavers to grow and prosper year after year.

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